Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of hiring a VA?

Hiring a VA is a cost effective method of bringing in additional resource, without the cost and time obligations of recruitment, on-boarding, training, hardware provision, PAYE, holiday pay, sick pay, medical cover, pension name but a few! Hiring a VA gives you full flexibility to book support as and when you need it, safe in the knowledge the VA has the professional capabilities to deliver exactly what you require, with minimal set-up and supervision.

How will I communicate with my VA?

From our first contact on the initial 'discovery' call, we will use a variety of platforms you feel comfortable with, including Zoom, Google Meet, email and telephone to keep in touch. EleVAte will regularly keep in touch with you throughout the assignment, to give you status updates and just general peace of mind everything is on track. Your VA is available during the working hours as communicated from the outset, but I can offer flexibility to be available 'out of hours', if necessary, with prior agreement.

Will I meet my Virtual Assistant in person?

To keep things flexible and simplified, all services will be performed virtually, including our first 'discovery' call and any update meetings thereafter. Should an onsite/face-to-face meeting be specifically required, this can be accommodated, schedule permitting. Additional charges will apply for time, travel and expenses. Please discuss your needs at the initial booking stage.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Currently all work is carried out by myself and I endeavour to fulfil all requests where possible. Should there be instances where a sub-contractor is required, the client will be informed in advance of the work commencing. In the event of this occurrance, eleVAte will only use reputable associates and quality control 100% of the completed work, before delivering it back to the client.

How do you charge for your services?

General administrative and lifestyle assistance services are offered at an hourly rate, with a monthly retainer option offering you best value for money, as well as the reassurance that you have my time reserved in advance, for as long as you need it. Digital marketing services, as well as Business and Project assistance, are chargeable on a package basis, based on the specific requirements of each client. 

Contact me for further information, prices and packages.

Do you have insurance and are ICO registered?

Yes. I hold a comprehensive policy with PolicyBee, which includes Professional Indemnity and Personal Liability insurance.

I am also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and am listed on their online register. Please just contact me if you need further information.