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How you can work with a VA, in 10 simple steps

Updated: Mar 21

“So, how does it work in practice? How do we get started? What do I need to do?” These are common questions I encounter when discussing the process of working with a Virtual Assistant with prospective clients. It’s understandable, since it’s only in the last few years (and more notably the last twelve months), that the working world has really embraced the merits of virtual teams and is looking more and more at the possibilities that this approach can offer. Furthermore, the concept of a #VirtualAssistant is still relatively new in the UK, though as companies become more digitalised and agile, the benefits that a well-qualified VA can bring, are invaluable to any business owner out there!

A great Virtual Assistant will save you time, introduce new expertise, and leave you free to focus on your business goals and priorities. Therefore, I wanted to share in 10 simple steps, how straight forward it is to work with a Virtual Assistant, and what you can expect from when you make the first enquiry!

1. ‘Discovery’ Call Booking. I offer a 30 minute complimentary ‘Discovery’ call, which is an opportunity for a no-obligation chat, to get to know each other and identify the key support needs. You are able to click on my booking link and choose your preferred date and time slot. You’ll receive an instant confirmation, along with the meeting link, saving you time and hassle. Basically, a first introduction to how a VA can add value for you!

2. Pre-call information request. After booking your ‘Discovery’ call, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete a pre-call information form. This simple electronic form aims to gather some key details, including business name, sector, website, as well as a couple of questions on why you have contacted me, and what type of support are you looking for. The form takes less than a couple of minutes to complete and submit.

3. ‘Discovery’ call. ‘Nice to meet you!’ This is our first opportunity to talk directly and for you to tell me about yourself and your business. It’s an informal chance to briefly get to know each other, as well as discussing what is holding you back it time, is it skillset, is it a sounding board to bounce ideas around with? By talking about your specific pain points, we can quickly establish the type of support you would benefit from, by working with me.

4. Proposal. Following our call, I will provide you with a summary of services, as well as a quotation for the work. Typically, we would work together on a monthly retainer basis, which is based on a fixed hourly rate. For more bespoke requests, a quotation will be supplied, along with a timeline and breakdown of deliverables. Your needs are individual to you, and I will always endeavour to offer flexibility to accommodate your requirements.

5. Confirmation. Once you have reviewed the proposal and terms of booking, and are happy to proceed, then we are good to go! Depending upon when you need me to start, we will agree a plan of action and I will ask you to start preparing a briefing document.

6. Briefing document. In order to get the most value out of your booking, I always advise clients to prepare a briefing document. This document should aim to set out task priorities, details, special requirements and deadlines. If any logins or passwords are required, then this is the time to plan out what needs to be provided. As well as helping you to plan and delegate the most appropriate or pressing tasks, it will enable me to hit the ground running, so that you quickly feel the benefits of having a VA on your team!

7. Let’s go! If required, we’ll have another call to talk through any specifics, before work commences! Once the briefing is complete, then you can rest assured knowing that I will get on with the tasks allocated and work through independently, providing regular status updates as I go.

8. Time tracking. As a core value of eleVAte, transparency is key. Therefore, every week, you’ll receive a time tracking breakdown, including a list of tasks/projects that I’ve work on during the previous week. You have full visibility on where your budget is being spent and what outputs you have received in exchange for your investment.

9. Status reporting. Throughout your booking, you will hear from me on a regular basis (though not so much it’s overload!), so you are kept up to date with progress. More importantly, it will enable us to build a strong relationship, which is based upon trust and confidence. If at any point you need to change priorities and tasks, then I work in an agile way, which gives you full flexibility to re-prioritise tasks and direction.

10. Completion! By working with me, you will quickly see how effective it is to have professional high-level support, which frees you up to focus on your business goals and not have to worry about the tasks which may not be your favourite things to do! By this point, you will be feeling so many benefits of working with a VA, that hopefully we will continue to work together on a long-term basis, allowing you to eleVAte your business to the next level!

If you are interested in working with me as your Virtual Assistant, then please do get in touch by booking a ‘Discovery’ call.

Alternatively, please visit my contact page and send me a message.

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