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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Have you set your #businessgoals yet for 2021? Do you have a strategy to get there? As a business owner, now’s the time to be seriously thinking about your year ahead, and what goals and objectives you want to be setting for yourself and your business. By updating your business plan and setting clear measurable objectives, then you can carefully steer your business to where it deserves to be. If you have a team, they will also benefit from knowing there’s a clear roadmap in place, whilst gaining confidence and guidance from the sense of your own accountability.

So, if you can answer “yes” to my opening question, then congrats! You’ve stepped well away from the realms of ‘winging it’ and should be feeling confident and optimistic for achieving your goals!

Now, to my next question - have you got the right Ievel of #support in place to reach these goals? This is a question you need to think carefully about. Yes, you might have the aforementioned team, who is pivotal in your business and generates the necessary outputs that your business requires to bring in revenue. However, do you have a trusted person in your business, who can offer you impartial guidance, act as a sounding board, and assist you with those ad-hoc tasks that land in your own personal inbox? For example, are you screaming out for support with recruitment and admin activities, help with financial tracking, assistance with marketing, and solutions for implementing systems and processes? Generally speaking, these are tasks that heavily occupy business owners, and take them away from focussing on growing their business and working on new ideas to serve their customers in a better way.

By working with eleVAte Virtual Assistant services, your business will prosper by partnering with an experienced and professional individual, available to assist, on an entirely flexible basis. Virtual Assistants typically charge for only the time spent on tasks. This means you pay for when there is work to be done, and not when there isn't. As we are self-employed, it additionally benefits your bottom-line; no recruitment costs, no NI or pension contributions, no need for holiday pay, no sickness pay, no hardware costs, no insurance cover, no medical cover, no office required and no training & development costs. A lot less paperwork too, phew! Furthermore, if unfortunately, you’ve had to furlough staff during these times, hiring a VA offers you an alternative solution, as we are self-employed and can still support you, even if the rest of your team is on furlough.

Working with a #VirtualAssistant could give you the kick-start you need, to get you on the way to implementing your strategy and achieving your goals! To find out more, you can book a free 30 minute ‘Discovery’ call with me here - https://calendly.com/elevate-va/discovery-call

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