• Tina Louise Lunn

Reasons why you should be repurposing your content

Creating regular fresh new content for your social media or website certainly has its benefits.

However, are you missing a trick by not repurposing your existing content? By this I mean are you creating excellent content once and then re-introducing it in different formats and places to maximise its impact?

There are many reasons why to start repurposing your existing content. Here I provide just a few on why you need to start doing this right away!

Maximising reach

Not everyone might see the amazing blog you publish on your website first time round. So why not feature your blog in your monthly e-newsletter? Even better, get into the habit of linking the content back to its original source. Why not try breaking your original blog down into multiple sections (e.g., top tips, dos and don'ts) and create one post a month focussing on each point in more detail? This way, you’ll ensure more people get to see the content you originally intended.

Make your content really hit home!

People can easily skim over and not fully take in your content on the first read. Experts say it can take seven times before a message really registers. Therefore, repurpose and share again. Maybe the following week, maybe the following month, even the following year! If you share on your Instagram grid, follow up with a story. If you’ve done your story, why not try to record it in an Instagram Live format? There are multiple formats available out there to make this process easy and accessible to you.

Reach new audiences

If you only like to use Instagram for example, try repurposing the same content for a different platform, such as LinkedIn. Or, if other platforms aren’t where you find your ideal clients, why not try other marketing tools, e.g., submitting your content to a leading industry magazine or asking connections (preferably whom your ideal clients follow) to appear as a guest blog on their website.

It saves you time!!

With enough to do in a day, coming up with new content ideas gets time-consuming as well as tiresome! Save yourself some stress and use the great content you’ve already worked hard on once, to bring rewards time and time again.

For more information and tips on how I can help you repurpose your content, get in touch with me at hello@elevate-va.co.uk.

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